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Helping You Get Financially Un-Stuck

Budge is an affordable subscription based money program that helps busy professionals eliminate debt, build emergency savings and plan for the future

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Problem For Busy Professionals

Many busy professionals feel financially stuck because they have suffocating personal debt and little savings, blocking them from planning the financial future they dream about. Yet traditional banks provide them poor service, excluding them from receiving critical financial guidance because they do not meet minimum asset thresholds.

How Does It Work

Financial Coaches
Access Financial Coaches
Connect with coaches through office hours, live presentations, community and chat
Financial Plan
Develop a Financial Plan
Get a written plan that organizes your money with clear recommended action steps
Automate Money
Automate Your Money
Execute your action steps in minutes and move on

A money program for busy professionals

Budge helps busy professionals relieve financial stress by eliminating debt, saving for the short term and planning for the future

Eliminate Debt
Eliminate Debt
Get rid of personal debt quickly by refinancing and accelerating payments
Emergency Savings
Build Emergency Savings
Build a safety net by opening savings buckets instantly
Organize Money
Organize Your Money
Understand where your money goes and how much is left over at the end of each month
Automate Money
Automate Your Money
Execute your action steps in minutes and move on to what’s most important to you and your family

Relieve Financial Stress

Are you sick of being worried about money? Good news is you can start eliminating stress right now when you follow Budge’s money system

Relieve Stress

Save Thousands of Dollars in Saved Debt Interest

A great debt plan will save you thousands of dollars in saved interest when you refinance and accelerate payments, allowing you to invest for your future

Saved Interest

Get Access To a Money Program Designed For You

For decades, you’ve been excluded from high quality advice that has been reserved for the affluent. Budge is giving you what they get, with you in mind

Money Program For You

The Best of Budge.
All in one.

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    Affordable subscription
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    Cancellable at any time
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    Action oriented program

Financial Coaching
+ Action Taking

Coaching & Education
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    One-on-One Financial Coaching
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    Office Hours & Chat
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    Join Community
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    Budget & Debt Plan Delivery
Money Automation Tech
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    Refinance Debt
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    Instantly Open Savings Buckets
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    Automate Debt Payments

Our Mission

Budge's mission is to help busy professionals overcome suffocating personal debt and build short-term savings by delivering expert coaching resources and seamless execution in one cohesive experience. We aim to transition our clients from feeling financially stuck to living the life they deserve.

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